amagno DMS 2.8.1 for Windows 10


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The innovative combination of document management and social networking provides an easier work environment for mobile and decentralized teams and allows the realization of integrated social networking concepts to improve business communication. amagno provide a new class of organize content with the innovative "magnets". amagno includes group management with email invitation, version, compare version, synced personal workspace, edit files, file preview and fulltext search for hundrets of file formats including CAD formats, workflow, digital stamps, free definable meta information, hotkey search for finding files out of any applications, "save to" out of any applications, printer driver for direct printing as PDF/A into amagno and lots of more. amagno is Germanys newest and innovative document management and group collaboration tool. About 3500 users from enterprises, departments, teams and private uses amagno. 1 GB storage is for free.